His First Breadboard

My nephew Aiden has become increasingly fascinated with robots--me too! This gave me the brilliant idea to start doing beginner engineering projects with him. There's no better way to learn than hands on, right? Let the adventure begin...

We began our journey by me explaining how a breadboard works, what jumpers are, what resistors do, and then it was his turn to test out these new skills.​

​He connected the resistor and aligned the ground jumper correctly. Now, he must decide what color LED he wants to try. It's a difficult choice but green is his favorite color.

​I reminded him that the longer end of the LED is positive and the shorter end is negative. After that was put in correctly, it was time to connect the battery. Will it work?!


​​He definitely got really excited when the LED turned on. Great job Aiden! He decided to try other colors so he swapped out the LED to white then red. I asked him if he wanted to do more than one LED at a time but he was done for today. He scurried along to go watch cartoons.​

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